Saturday, March 10, 2007

Why are we doing this?

Kerry and Nicole
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Kerry (the blonde, in the mink) and Nicole (the brunette, in the beaver--no jokes, please) have been friends ever since we met in home room our freshman year in high school. In the intervening years, our friendship has sustained the slings and arrows of nominally being on the field hockey team, attending Catholic colleges in eastern Massachusetts, and moving to various parts of the great United States, ultimately landing us both in California--Kerry in the sunny, warm part and Nicole in the cold, foggy part.

Throughout it all, we've shared a passion for fine things (such as our mothers' fur jackets), although we have also shared an income that forces us to be creative in the enjoyment of those things. After taking an online food writing class together, we decided to start this blog to chronicle the culinary adventures of two South Jersey girls in California who love to cook and eat.

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